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3 Pack: Free to Live Girl’s 7-16 Maxi Skirts (Black, Charcoal, Navy), Medium Review

Long Skirt

  • three pack involves on of each color pictured Black, charcoal and navy
  • Knit fabric
  • Huge women
  • Maxi length
  • Small (7-8 a long time). Medium (ten-12 years). Big (14 years). XL (16 years). Measurements: Small: Waist: 28″, Size: 28″ Medium: Midsection: 31″, Duration: 29″ Big: Waist: 32″, Duration: 32″ XL: Waistline: 33″, Duration: 33″

3 Pack: Free of charge to Live Girl’s 7-16 Maxi Skirts – Great for Uniform

Women’s Clothes

Women’s Apparel
Extended Skirt


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